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About Auto Carriers

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Do Not Fill Out Multiple Order Forms

In the auto shipping industry, many transportation websites will give you a list of 10 different auto carriers and will ask you to fill out multiple forms. But filling out multiple quotes forms is a hindrance to the auto shipping process because you can never be sure that you are getting the best price. It is best to stick one or two websites and choose from there. The reasoning behind this is you will receive a large number of quotes from surrounding companies all at once at you will be buried in hundreds of emails. So do yourself and your inbox a favor and do not fill out multiple order forms for one vehicle.

Check List- 

Before beginning the on the Vehicle Transportation road there are several things you should know.

  • Most transportation companies will not allow more than 100lbs of personal belongings. This is due to the fact that car haulers are packed full of many other cars, not just yours, and the excessive weight can cause the drivers truck to become overweight. These belongings must stay below the window line to avoid a break-in.
  • You must have personal insurance on your vehicle. Although all of our drivers are insured, most companies will not repair or replace things such as chipped windows, cracked screens, or any other form of transportation damages. So let’s say that your car is on the road and a driver stops at a rest stop and during the night your car gets broken into. Although your car was in the trust of the truck driver, your insurance company is responsible not the carrier.
  • When your car is ready for pick-up be sure that it has no more and no less than a quarter tank of gasoline in the tank. This is to ensure that the driver has enough to load and unload the car from the hauler.
  • Do not pay your driver when he drops off your car! We take care of the driver, via com-check after he or she drops off your car.